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The Well Christian Centre

Finding My True Identity


I grew up in a family and home dominated by alcohol and all the associated problems that come with that culture, including my own unhealthy relationship with booze. Growing up I was surrounded by family who were prejudiced, including against church and Christianity.  

All this caused a serious identity issues along with an atheistic outlook.  I was very insecure.

Long story short, I formed a relationship with a mate’s sister ( now my wife of 52 years !) and her parents were committed Christians.  As a result I was invited (dragged !) occasionally to church, there began a journey of discovering that Jesus was real and living in peoples lives.  Not just old people but younger people of my age were talking about how Jesus had changed their lives.  Big dilemma !

Over the course of months I found Christ for myself, helped by my new church friends and a lovely vicar at the church. 

Whilst being a Christian does not immune us from the problems of this life, I can honestly say having been on my journey of coming closer to Christ for 50+ years now, it has given me my true identity back and a security that no money, possessions, status or earthly relationship can bring.  

Image and identity are a massive issue today, especially among younger people, and I long to see those struggling with who they are, meeting Jesus, and being changed and healed by Him, as I was all those years ago. 

You’re sure to find love and acceptance at The Well here in Rockwell Green. 


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